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Retain your customer

The QR code and URL always lead to your company. Imagine that John is a proud owner of a small accounting company and Harvey is his new sales manager, instead of Michael. John simply replaces Michael’s information for Harvey’s on the same online card.
When John’s clients open the URL or scan the QR code from the outdated business card, they will get the contact information of the new sales manager.


Create cards for your employees

Use one account to create cards for all your employees for easy card administration.

Stay in control

When creating cards for your employees, think of a function instead of a specific person. Think sales manager instead of Michael.

Edit cards if needed

When Michael leaves and Harvey is appointed as the new sales manager – you simply change the info on the sales manager card. Choosing the EDIT CARD option lets you keep your info up to date and keep your customers in possession of valid contact information so they can reach out as they need your services.

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