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QR code stamp, the new wax seal, symbol of power and respect?

To use a wax seal in your correspondence used to mean a lot. Wax seals did not just protect the letter from opening, they represented families, heritage and ancestry, but also shown power and respect to the recipient.

To show your respect and give importance to your message nowadays, you can send a physical letter instead of a virtual one. You certainly won‘t put a wax seal on it, but there is something you can do to make you pop up as unique among the regulars– use a QR code stamp containing who you are.

Delivering proper customer experience

You can enter all your business card data on CardURL and will receive the link (URL) to your online business card. You can print this link in the form of a QR code on your letter, but you can also do something better.

Make a stamp from this QR code that links to all your information, thus “you”, and stamp it on the letter along with your signature. A QR code stamp might be more effective than a printed one, as we slowly get used to having printed QR codes everywhere.

One thing, in particular, is what makes it so neat. It gives your documents a final touch, personalized. Almost like a wax seal next to your handwritten signature. It adds a bit of value, a sign that you care. The fact that you’ll go the extra mile for your business partners makes a huge difference.

Leveraging QR code stamp to close the deal

A stamped QR code shows your recipient that it took time doing the effort and that means respect. This will improve the probability that he will scan the QR code, and download your business card into his contact list. And that is kinda your goal in this case.

In this digital age where there is an ongoing “battle” for every single customer and every communication channel is a “battlefield”, you need to capture any opportunity for customer acquisition and conversion. Little things are important, it’s all in the details. And it all just might be in your QR code stamp. (Well, the link to your CardURL profile is;-)