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Make the right impression

Not all of your card recipients are the same. Create business cards – URLs and QR codes – that contain information directed to a specific group of customers, clients or partners.
You can have a card with a formal photo for business contacts and one with casual photo for others. Or, you can choose to give your private phone number only to selected customers.

How to achieve this

Create account

If you have already an account, it’s better to use the same account for many card

Create several cards

Choose different information per card as phone number, email, your photo, links, etc.
You can also create same content in different languages.

(Optional) Upgrade new cards to premium

If you’re going to use the additional cards more often, it’s a good idea to have your photo and the feedback.

Use the new card URL in your email signature

Avoid distributing the vanity URL for additional cards in case you want to downgrade those cards one day.

Upload the cards into Linkaya

Order your links in Linkaya to be able to find the right card rapidly.

Optional) Print a new set of business cards

You can use a different design between your cards.

4 minutes How-To

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