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Leave an impeccable first impression

A simple visit to your profile via link or QR code scan gives your business partners the option to import all your information into their mobile devices. They don‘t have to transcribe your contact information anymore.
You will be remembered as a professional and innovative person, respectful of other people‘s time.


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Enter your contact information, profile and/or company photo and check out the results.

Reprint your business card with QR code you received and always take your cards with you

One way to always have your cards with you is by loading your card in the Linkaya app. Your partners can scan and import your card directly into their contact list.

See how it looks

Tap on your card, scan the QR code with your phone camera and see what your potential clients will see. From there, import it into your contacts app with just a button tap because that’s what your clients will do too.

4 minutes How-To

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