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What is CardURL?

CardURL is an online system that allows you to store and share your contact information. Once you fill in the information, the system will produce a unique link, in a form of URL or QR code. You can also decide to have an easy to remember vanity URL. Once a client scans your QR code with a device or types your URL into a browser, he will be able to see the information without having to install any kind of app.

Yes. CardURL allows you to create free cards without a registered account. This service is limited to free features only. Once you create a card, you will receive the URL. You will be able to add changes to the card in the next 48 hours. You can test it here.

When you create a CardURL account (registered user), you will receive a confirmation mail with the path that leads you to your free coupon. Follow these steps:
1. Create an account
2. Confirm account
3. Log in
4. Go to “My account” tab to retrieve the coupon code

When you retrieve free coupon code (see the previous question), there are two ways to activate it.
a) Go to “My account” tab > copy the coupon code (eg. 4gpypg) from the text at the top of the listed created cards > click on the button “upgrade” on the card you wish to upgrade to premium > paste the coupon code under the option “use coupon” > click on the button “buy now”.

Not exactly. Once your free trial expires, only your premium data will be deleted and you will not be able to use premium features any longer. The rest of your information will remain untouched and you will still be able to use your card within free features. Note: your card will be permanently deleted ONLY IF nobody (including yourself) has viewed your business card for a long time.

Each card created with CardURL holds a unique number – card ID, eg. 4gpypg. Card ID is different from card name. Card ID is the unique number of the card, while card name is the name you give to your card in order to generate vanity URL – a domain with your name, eg.

Card name is the name you give your card. It is the same name that will appear on your vanity URL, eg.JohnDoe > Also, check the previous question as well.

At the Front page of your CardURL account, you will see the list of all of the created cards. In the first column of the list (on the very left) you will see all your cards’ IDs and Names. Click on the ID number of the card you wish to view and your card will appear. If you are a premium user, you will be able to edit your card as many times as you like.

CardURL premium system is based on a card, not an account. When you buy premium package, you can apply it to only one of the cards you created. However, once the card is upgraded, it can be changed and edited as many times as you wish.

Yes, you can edit your card within 48 hours from the moment the card was created. If you register though, you will receive a free coupon for premium package, so we advise you to register and start using premium features right away. The free coupon lasts 3 months since its activation.

Vanity URL is the unique URL you can create as a part of premium features. The unique URL can consist from your name and surname, eg. This allows you to have an easy-to-remember personal domain that you can easily share with potential customers and clients.
Vanity URL is created in the “Name” tab of your upgraded card.

It means that you can remove your card from one email account to another. For example, you created a free card with your Yahoo account and now you want to upgrade your card to premium and remove to your Gmail business account. This is performed with an action called “Claim card”.You can claim your card with a copy-paste of the ID Name of your card to the “claim card” box. See the instruction:

Optimal QR code size, readable to standard smart phones (5PM camera or more), should be higher than 15mm. This is the smartest solution for your business card or other promotional material as you can safely presume most of the smart phones will be able to scan and read it. If you have an audience that less tech savvy and supposedly own older smart phones (with a low-quality camera - 3PM) make sure your QR code is at least 20mm. However, if your customers are advanced tech users - owners of the latest smart phone models (with high-quality camera - 12MP or more), you can impress them with 6mm QR code.

QR code size normally depends on information density - amount of information that the QR code contains. Amount of information is defined by number of columns and rows QR code consists of, these are called modules and characters. Let's say your QR code contains 102 characters, its density will need to be much higher, therefore the size of your QR code will need to be bigger. What differentiates QR code created with CardURL is the number of characters that never exceeds 28. This is because the QR code contains only the URL to your profile. With a small amount of characters you can have a small-sized QR code that fits to your business card perfectly.

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