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CardURL is an online system that allows you to store and share your contact information. Once you fill in the information, the system will produce a unique link, in a form of URL or QR code. Once a client scans your QR code with a device or types your URL into a browser, he will be able to see the information and import it directly to contact list.

When you create a CardURL account, you will receive a confirmation mail with the path that leads you to your free coupon. Follow these steps:
1. Create an account
2. Create free card
3. Click upgrade card
4. Use the coupon

No. Once your premium trial expires, some features are no longer available. The rest of your information will remain untouched and you will still be able to use your card with free features.

Yes, please!

There is *no pressure* to buy premium if you don’t need the additional features 🙂

You can use a free card as long as you want.

From time to time, we clear unused cards. So just make sure that you (or someone else) display your free card at least once per year. And don’t worry, we’ll remind you to do so.

By using a free card, you help us popularizing CardURL.

This helps us to lower our marketing costs and thus keep the premium prices low. And, that’s why you cannot white label a free card 😉

Yes. Whenever you need to.

Each card created with CardURL holds a unique number – card ID, eg. 4gpypg. Card ID is different from card name. Card ID is the unique number of the card, while card name is the name you give to your card in order to generate vanity URL – a domain with your name, eg.

The card name is easier to remember. Once the premium is expired, only the card ID remains usable. Also, check the previous question as well.

On the Front page of your CardURL account, you will see the list of all created cards. In the first column of the list (on the very left) you will see all your cards’ IDs and Names. Click on the ID number of the card you wish to view and your card will appear.

You can see how it looks in both the free and premium versions (given you uploaded images when creating a card)

CardURL premium system is based on a card, not an account. When you buy the premium package, you can apply it to only one of the cards you created.

You can mix premium and free cards on your account.

Vanity URL is the unique URL you can create as a part of premium features. The unique URL can consist of our domain name + your card name, eg. This allows you to have an easy-to-remember personal domain that you can easily share with potential customers and clients.
Vanity URL is created in the “Name” tab of your upgraded card.

You can use a ”claim card” box to group all your cards under one account.

QR code size typically depends on information density – the amount of information the QR code contains. QR code created with CardURL contains only the URL to your profile. Ergo, you have a small-sized QR code that fits your business card perfectly.

CardURL is only an enhancement to your business card. We suggest you reprint your traditional business card and include the CardURL QR code on it.

You can delete your card and/or your account. Data stays for three (3) months for security – then it’s deleted. You can send a request to delete data whenever you want.

This feature is included in most phone camera apps, sometimes you should just enable it in camera settings or tap the QR code in your viewfinder.

Yes. Please use our free app Linkaya to hold all your business cards, your colleagues’ business cards and other links in one place so you can share them easily.

No! We don’t believe in auto-renew.

We will remind you before your premium card expires. For extended peace of mind, you can buy premium for many years.


And this is one of the benefits of CardURL. When and if you stop paying, you certainly renounce the premium feature of your cards, but all the cards you have distributed as premium will remain visible.

There is no pressure to stay premium.

Unfortunately, not yet. Premium has to be activated per card.

However, if you have many cards, please get in touch with us. We can provide you with coupons to avoid a credit card payment process for each card and probably give you a discount along with a helpful onboarding experience.

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