QR code stamp, the new wax seal, symbol of power and respect?

To use a wax seal in your correspondence used to mean a lot. Wax seals did not just protect the letter from opening, they represented families, heritage and ancestry, but also shown power and respect to the recipient. To show your respect and give importance to your message nowadays, you can send a physical letter […]

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How To Get A Designed Business Card For Under $10?

3 Steps To Create The Most Effective But Affordable Business Card Being a graphic designer or just a creative and resourceful person is not all it takes to create memorable business cards anymore. There are dozens of tools online that have countless styles of designed business cards waiting to be altered and printed. But not […]

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How to boost your business card design with a QR code?

  As long as people do business, there’ll be a need for business cards. We already established that they are not going anywhere any time soon. With that said, as long as we use smartphones in our daily routine, implementing a QR code on business cards is just too practical and convenient, to be ignored. […]

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How Business Cards Change the Way We Do Business?

Anyone with a job knows that business cards are the inseparable part of the business culture. But, how many of you know that you can use them as a business automation tool? Entrepreneurs and other business people who are serious about their „game“ are always ready for some networking. If you are a business owner, […]

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5 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Not Dead

Some say that business cards are passe’ in the corporate world. The research and personal experiences show that business cards are striving again. Regardless what some may think, business cards are most definitely not over. Online networking is certainly taking over the business scene, but cards still hold their important role in contact exchange, branding, […]

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7 Rules For Designing Business Cards People Won’t Throw Away

We may have stepped widely into the digital era where information is exchanged online, but physical networking remains irreplaceable when it comes to closing a deal. Designing business cards the right way is important to making the right impression with the clients. Research shows that 88% of handed out business cards get thrown out in […]

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